Ankarana national Park




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Ankarana national Park

It’s about 100km from diego suarez , takes 3 hours 30mn by car
and about 150km from ankify, takes 2hours 30mn by car.
It’s one of the place that you should visit on the north.
During the hours of visit , walking inside the park, you enjoy

a limestone formation called Tsingy with the sharp top,
extended on 18220 ha , it’s amazing.
Don’t forget the camera and take picture to celebrate the moment

  • the story of the antankarana population and the caves
  • your presence in front of the large Aven /pit , the amazing outlet of the park rainwater
  • your appreciation in front of the variety of fauna and flora inside the dry forest

The park is populated by a lot of endemic species in the world,
adapted to drought or darkness: lepilemurs, lemurs (Lemur crowned ),
reptiles and amphibians, rare birds, euphorbias and medicinal plants.
The park includes several rest areas, a suspension bridge,
a point of view and some circuits loops.

Animations and laughing are in the program.
one of the favorite moment also is to admire the sunset
in one point of view extra ordinary
Please plan, come and contact us.


24 Hours
  • Grey Tsingy
  • Crowned lemur
  • lepilemurs
  • Birds
  • reptiles
  • amphibian

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