Antsiranana, also called Diego-Suarez or Antsirane, is the largest city in northern Madagascar and the third port of the Big Island. It is the capital of the province of Diego-Suarez. It is, with Nosy Be and Sainte-Marie Island, one of the three former French establishments which were associated with the former territory of the Merina kingdom to form the former French protectorate of Madagascar, including the current Republic of Madagascar regains the borders. With the recent establishment of the twenty-two regions in 2004, it became the capital of the Diana region. Its inhabitants are called Antsiranais. Its urban area is estimated at 125,103 inhabitants in 2014.
According to wikipedia”https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antsiranana”

Malagasy people
Languages Spoken
Malagasy, Français
Area (km2)
43 406 km²
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